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Message from the CEO


We thank you for your continued support and patronage.
From this year, we have established a new management philosophy of "Connecting the hearts and minds of people around the world with the power of language to create a peaceful world of mutual respect". With this, we will contribute to the realization of a fair society where people understand and recognize each other's values, where hearts and minds are connected, and where world peace is achieved through the power of language, which we believe combines human sensitivity and AI technology.

The profession of simultaneous interpreting was born about 80 years ago at the Nuremberg Trials, an international military tribunal to try war crimes committed by Germany in World War II. As it was a military tribunal involving several countries, there was a language barrier to mutual understanding of each country's way of thinking and culture. The interpreter's ability to break down these language barriers, deepen mutual understanding and build bridges between hearts and minds was extremely important. The profession of an interpreter was the first step towards the realization of world peace through the power of language.
Today, the development of transport networks such as airplanes and ships has almost eliminated barriers to travel to and from various countries, but the language barrier is increasing because of the increased traffic.
The Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began in 2022, was caused by countries and people who do not understand each other, and language barriers can be considered a contributing factor. It is precisely in times like these that I feel the importance of the power of language as a catalyst for understanding, respecting and recognizing people from other countries. In addition, once we have overcome the global coronavirus pandemic, the increase in language barriers will become more pronounced due to the resurgence of inbound tourism. In this situation, we would like to contribute to the development of the Japanese economy by using the power of language, which we believe in, to secure foreign workers as laborers and visitors as customers to the local economy, and to enhance the ancient Japanese values such as culture, traditional crafts and food in each region.

For world peace, we will contribute to the creation of a better society through the power of language, by combining human sensitivity and AI technology, and will continue to work tirelessly to become a corporate organization that can further contribute to local communities.

We thank you and look forward to your continued patronage.