Our Strengths

created by
Human and AI.

We will deliver high-quality multilingual communication that only we can provide, by combining our experience we build up with over many years of multilingual support, “human” power that comes from sensitivity, and the power of “AI” which has been refined based on our know-how.


An AI translation engine built on the base of human power with improved accuracy in various fields.


We have numerous professional interpreters with various languages and specific fields. They make a deeper communication possible through a sensitivity only a human can have.


The Human power of us

  • Supporting advanced interpretation and translation in specialized fields

    Certified personnel as well as staff who are knowledgeable in various specialized fields such as healthcare, legal, business and tourism, will properly interpret and translate even in situations where advanced knowledge is required.

  • Operators with diverse backgrounds and multilingual skills

    Many staff members were born and raised in countries with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and they are in constant communication with each other as well.
    Being able to discern what the customer or interlocutor is thinking and provide the appropriate multilingual support is our another strengths.

  • Recruitment and education that emphasizes not only ability but also humanity

    Interpretation and translation is a conversation between people, and high communication skills as a person are also required. We believe that it is important to have a strong humanity not only language ability and we are continuously improving them with training after hiring.


The power of our own AI

High-quality AI search engine created by the big data from more than 20 years of experiences

  • High quality backed by many years of results

    By converting the know-how we have accumulated into data and continuously optimizing through machine learning, we made it possible to generate more natural translations.
    High-quality translation with our multi-national staff’s knowledge and experience reflected are quite unique.

  • Coverage of terms in specialized fields such as healthcare, legal and IT

    Even in fields such as healthcare and legal that requires specialized knowledge, we made it possible to provide support by applying our translation data and know-how by our certified personnel and well-knowledgeable staff.
    Our AI translation also adapts to the IT field where new terms continuously appears.

  • A wide range of responsiveness with our unique algorithm

    You can also select the most suitable AI translation engine according to your language and application. We will support the further globalization of your business by adding engines in different fields of expertise and expanding the supported languages as needed.